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Laura Finch
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Laura has a great appreciation of yoga's importance as a tool to heal and free us from tension in both body and mind. She has lived a life rich in experience and wisdom, and brings that to each yoga lesson. Laura is a genuine person who thrives on helping others progress at their own pace, a rare find. Here is a person who goes out of her way to help you improve your fitness level, health, mind, body and soul so you can improve your quality of life. You will be grateful you crossed her path.
Laura studied traditional yoga and Vedanta ancient books of knowledge with Swami Ambikananda. She runs a clinic and is passionate about healing people of pain that may have gone on for years. 
Laura completed her yoga teachers training in 2006 but has done yoga for decades. She teaches people over 50 in a community setting, runs her own private classes, and offers one-to-one. Currently, over 100 students attend her yoga and meditation classes each week. As well as running a clinic. She constantly trains to widen her experience of yoga and the body's ability to heal.
Bianca Galluccio
I really love Laura's yoga classes. They are at the right pace for me, never the same and perfect want to go deeply in your practice. She is professional, caring and this is important to I feel safe.
Three years ago I also had the opportunity to experience her Bowen skills as I had bad backache. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical but after few sessions I felt much better and most important, I felt safe in her hands. I would definitely recommend Laura for her experience, knowledge and care.
Graham Wood
I am the Honorary Treasurer of the BBC Club’s Yoga Section, and Laura has taught our two regular classes for the last couple of years, having been personally recommended by our previous teacher.
Laura is a lovely person with an approachable manner and an appealing style of teaching traditional yoga. She will always tailor a class to the level of the students and is careful to find out if anyone has an injury or health issue that would preclude particular postures.
Laura is very reliable and always turns up as expected, even when at times BBC security can make this rather difficult!
I have no hesitation in recommending Laura as a friendly professional Yoga teacher.
Mandy Woodward
I was lucky enough to find Laura as a yoga teacher over a year ago at Open Age in Pimlico. She teaches a ladies group there twice a week and is very popular and well-liked by her pupils. Not only is Laura an extremely proficient teacher, she makes the lessons fun and varied as well.
She takes particular care to demonstrate the exercises well and to help people achieve them safely and correctly. I am finding all the exercises that we do very beneficial and can certainly feel my flexibility and overall well-being improving.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Laura as a yoga teacher.
At first I didn’t get it. I struggled with not pushing myself till I hurt. It was weeks till I accepted Laura’s gentle coaxing of my body into poses that were comfortable yet still gave me the freedom to explore more.
I understand my own body now and it’s limitations but still get gently eased into new positions which is really liberating.
Laura’s online zoom classes during lockdown and beyond have been my salvation. She understands the inner workings of the body with her additional learning and has slotted it into the classes seamlessly, opening up our lungs and stretching us in case we ever have to deal with the virus. I am fitter and more mobile than I have ever been in my life. Thank you Laura. 
Laura is a wonderful teacher and a caring compassionate human being. Her online classes have been a lifeline during the COVID lockdown, offering a little structure and routine to my new way of living, I was even able to do class when I was stuck in Guatemala, it was amazing. Laura explains and demonstrates everything very clearly and always emphasises how important it is to listen to your body and go at your own pace.
Ajantha Abrew
I have been following Laura's Yoga classes for almost 4 years. I was a bit apprehensive in starting any exercise class as I was under the impression that I will overdo without one to one attention and might develop unnecessary aches and pains. Laura has the great skill and ability to alleviate any fear. Pupils take a liking to her straightaway.
I was a teacher myself and I am well aware of the qualities of a teacher She always says - less is more. Watch us well to see whether we are doing the right stretches etc.
With on line yoga, she makes sure everyone is well looked after.
I have attended two Bowen sessions of Laura and I was more than pleased. The Backache I had disappeared. I can easily recommend Laura to any age group seeking Yoga classes or one to one Bowen. Therapy.

*Classes will be held online


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